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services offered by mobile auto glass companies

When your windshield gets a chip or crack in it, do you really have the time to stop what you are doing and spend an hour or two in a repair shop getting it fixed? Wouldn't it be nice if you could just call a technician for repairs and go about your day? Well, I recently found out that this is completely possible. After talking with the technician for a bit, I found out that there are several auto glass services that can be performed with your car in the parking lot at work, in your driveway at home or just about anywhere else you may need to be. To find out about these services, keep reading

services offered by mobile auto glass companies

3 Factors That Affect Auto Glass Installation

by Josh Walters

It's tempting to ignore small problems with auto glass, particularly since taking time out of your day to schedule an appointment is a hassle. With mobile windshield repair services, though, you can have your car's auto glass fixed or replaced while you're at work. What you might not know, however, is what the differences are between replacing your windshield entirely and simply repairing it.

The Type of Damage

If the damage is one small chip, you're less likely to need a full windshield replacement. Chips tend to stay closer to the surface of the glass, unless they're ignored. Multiple chips in one area or significant cracks can weaken the entire windshield, which ultimately means replacing the whole piece. Cracks, on the other hand, tend to travel from the front surface of the glass to the driver's side of the glass. This is a much more dangerous type of damage, and it requires putting in a new windshield.

The Size of the Damage

In general, the rule of thumb for glass repair is that if the damaged area is smaller than the size of a U.S. dollar bill, epoxy can fix the problem. Small cracks and chips require only a little bit of epoxy in order to seal them up. Once repaired, they're invisible and they don't affect your visibility at all. Larger damage has effects on the glass that you cannot see with the naked eye. If you simply repair those rather than replacing the glass, the glass may fracture in a new location, becoming a huge problem, so it's better to replace the entire windshield.

The Age of the Damage

If you've had a chip in your windshield for a few months, you probably don't even notice it anymore. As you continue to drive, you hit potholes and small bumps in the road. Those little nudges here and there cause microscopic fissures that radiate out from the chip. You may not see it, but at some point one of those nudges will be enough to split a large crack in the windshield. Older chips tend to require more epoxy than newer ones, primarily because of those additional fissures. It's best not to wait to repair a chip, otherwise you'll have to replace the windshield altogether.

While a technician can give you a partial assessment over the phone, it isn't until someone looks at the damage in person that they can tell you exactly what needs to happen. If you need help with your windshield, call an expert in auto glass installation who can come to you and get the job done.

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