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services offered by mobile auto glass companies

When your windshield gets a chip or crack in it, do you really have the time to stop what you are doing and spend an hour or two in a repair shop getting it fixed? Wouldn't it be nice if you could just call a technician for repairs and go about your day? Well, I recently found out that this is completely possible. After talking with the technician for a bit, I found out that there are several auto glass services that can be performed with your car in the parking lot at work, in your driveway at home or just about anywhere else you may need to be. To find out about these services, keep reading

services offered by mobile auto glass companies

What To Do If Your Windshield Cracks

by Josh Walters

When you get a small nick in your windshield, there are several things you need to do to keep the crack from spreading. 

Clean Up the Damage

If there is a small rock or another foreign object in your windshield, carefully remove it using a pair of tweezers. Leaving the rock lodged in your window could cause it to place pressure on the glass shards and help them to split even further. 

The next thing to do is to clean up loose glass. Use a wet cloth to get rid of any tiny glass shards. Then, you can use a razor edge to dull out the edges of the chipped glass. You want to shave off the top layers of the glass so that your windshield wiper doesn't hit the area. This is because it will minimize any pressure on the area, and you also want to avoid the glass shards getting caught in your windshield wiper and having them scrape the rest of your window. 

Hold the Area Together

You might want to place an adhesive on the area as a temporary fix, to hold the glass together and alleviate the pressure differences on the glass. For a very cheap fix, you can try putting a clear duct tape on the area. If that doesn't hold, then try getting an adhesive glue from your auto repair center. 

Avoid Temperature Changes

Until you can get your window repaired, you need to do whatever you can to protect the glass. One thing that can cause your glass to crack further is temperature changes; your cracked window will be extra sensitive to changes in the weather. Store your vehicle in a garage, or buy a window shield to keep ice and heat from beating down on your window. Also, avoid using hot water on an icy window. 

Get the Window Replaced

Finally, the most important step is to get your window replaced as soon as you can. A cracked glass is a safety hazard since the whole window may crack while you are driving. A reliable auto glass replacement company is a simple way to fix your windows with high-quality glass. Some repair technicians are also mobile (such as those from Glass On Wheels), making it easy for you to get help without traveling to the mechanic yourself. Getting a cracked window can be a disappointment, but thankfully there are some great repaid groups that will put your auto glass back together in no time.