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services offered by mobile auto glass companies

When your windshield gets a chip or crack in it, do you really have the time to stop what you are doing and spend an hour or two in a repair shop getting it fixed? Wouldn't it be nice if you could just call a technician for repairs and go about your day? Well, I recently found out that this is completely possible. After talking with the technician for a bit, I found out that there are several auto glass services that can be performed with your car in the parking lot at work, in your driveway at home or just about anywhere else you may need to be. To find out about these services, keep reading

services offered by mobile auto glass companies

What To Do With A Broken Car Windshield

by Josh Walters

You windshield gets a chip in it from a rock off the road. A truck backs into you and cracks your windshield. These are problems to take care of right away. A chip in your windshield can easily develop into a long crack. Cracks in the windshield can obscure your vision and make driving difficult. Driving your car with a cracked windshield is illegal in many states. Before the windshield gets worse, or you get ticketed, follow up on one of these options to get the repairs done quickly.

Repairing a Rock Chip

Get the car into a glass shop a soon as you can. The newer the rock chip, the easier it is to repair. If you can't get in the same day, place a piece of transparent tape over the chip. This will prevent dirt and grit from lodging in the chip, making it harder to repair.

In the shop, the technician will clean any debris out of the chip. Any material left in the chip won't allow the sealer to stick effectively. Once the chip is clean, a clear polymer is used to fill the chip, making sure it gets into all of the tiny cracks along the edge of the chip. The polymer is then smoothed out so the repaired surface is flush with the rest of the windshield. This is so your wipers aren't damaged by the repair. The polymer is then polished until it is as clear as the rest of the glass.

Cracked Windshield Replacement

Drive the car carefully to an auto glass replacement shop or use their mobile glass service. Your windshield is made of safety glass, which is two sheets of glass bonded together with a piece of transparent film. When a windshield breaks, the glass shatters into many little pieces that are kept in place by the film. Without the film, the glass would break into sharp splinters causing you and the interior of the car serious damage. It also makes the job of the auto shop easier because they can remove the cracked windshield in one piece.

The molding around the windshield is removed. A technician then uses a flat tool to cut through the urethane seal that holds the windshield in place on your car. This rubber seal allows the windshield to move and flex in response to the car's movement instead of breaking under the stress. The old seal is removed and the opening cleaned to get rid of any oil, grease or old sealer. A bead of urethane sealer is applied to the opening where the windshield sits. The new windshield is slowly put into place, making sure the seal is even between the glass and the car. The molding is replaced and your car is ready to go.

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