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services offered by mobile auto glass companies

When your windshield gets a chip or crack in it, do you really have the time to stop what you are doing and spend an hour or two in a repair shop getting it fixed? Wouldn't it be nice if you could just call a technician for repairs and go about your day? Well, I recently found out that this is completely possible. After talking with the technician for a bit, I found out that there are several auto glass services that can be performed with your car in the parking lot at work, in your driveway at home or just about anywhere else you may need to be. To find out about these services, keep reading

services offered by mobile auto glass companies

Five Steps For Dealing With An Auto Glass Crack

by Josh Walters

It's a sickening sound when a rock hits your car window and you hear the crack. Sometimes damage isn't immediately visible, but within a few hours a crack begins to form. The following steps can walk you through what to do to minimize the damage and get it repaired.

1. Park Under Cover

The main goal is to avoid any additional stress on the window, and the best way to do this is to park in a covered area if possible. This can be a garage, a carport, or a commercial parking structure. Parking in a covered area protects the glass from further damage from weathering as well as providing some protection from temperature fluctuations. Make sure nothing is placed on the windshield, as any weight can make the crack grow worse.

2. Keep It Dry

Moisture is a major issue with a new crack. Moisture expands and contracts due to temperature changes. This is mainly an issue if the temperature dips below freezing, since water  expands when it freezes. This expansion can drive the crack to become larger, or worse, a rock chip in the window can suddenly become a spider web of cracks. It's best to park the car in a dry place and to avoid driving in wet weather until you have the windshield replaced.

3. Avoid Rapid Temperature Changes

Another big driver behind lengthening auto glass cracks is temperature fluctuations, so avoid rapid changes in temperature until you have the windshield replaced. This means you need to warm the car up slowly before turning the heater or window defroster on full blast. Don't use heat to try and melt ice on the window in the event of a freeze. Gradual temperature changes are less likely to make the crack worse.

4. Contact Your Insurance

Before scheduling a glass repair, contact your insurance company. Many full-coverage policies provide some coverage for replacement or repair. Depending on your company and the type of policy, you may need to pay a deductible before the windshield can be replaced. Some policies provide for repairs at no charge to you, or they may supply a reduced deductible only for glass replacement. It costs you nothing to check with your insurance to see if there is any available coverage.

5. Schedule a Repair

The final step is to schedule the repair with a reputable glass replacement service. If the crack is less than a couple of inches long, you may be able to get a repair. Larger cracks require full replacement. You can opt to bring your car in for replacement, which typically takes several hours. Many services also offer mobile replacement, which means they will come to your location, whether it is home or work, to complete the repair at your convenience.

Contact an auto glass replacement service in your area for more help.