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Did You Hit A Pot Hole And Your Vehicle Is Handling Poorly And Your Windshield Cracked? What To Know

If you drove into a large pot hole or over something that jolted your vehicle, and you now have some steering issues and a flawed or cracked windshield, you want to get the vehicle looked at. Even if you don’t see a lot of damage on the outside of the car, there could be internal […]

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What To Do With A Broken Car Windshield

You windshield gets a chip in it from a rock off the road. A truck backs into you and cracks your windshield. These are problems to take care of right away. A chip in your windshield can easily develop into a long crack. Cracks in the windshield can obscure your vision and make driving difficult. […]

Protecting Your Windshield From Extensive Damage

Your car windshield plays a vital role in ensuring your safety while on the road, which is why it pays to keep it well maintained and protected. This important part of your car is under constant punishment from flying debris, pounding rain and wind pressure, which could sometimes cause unavoidable problems such as stress cracks. […]

Your Windshield: Everything Is Trying to Slowly Destroy It

The windshield of your car soaks up damage on a daily basis. You may not notice it, or see any visible damage, but it’s there. Pretty much everything that comes with driving a vehicle outside contributes to that damage. This goes for forces that you’d probably expect, like rocks, to those you would not, like […]

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What To Do If Your Windshield Cracks

When you get a small nick in your windshield, there are several things you need to do to keep the crack from spreading.  Clean Up the Damage If there is a small rock or another foreign object in your windshield, carefully remove it using a pair of tweezers. Leaving the rock lodged in your window […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know Could Break Your Windshield

All drivers know the hazards that flying rocks and debris, hail, falling tree limbs and accidents pose to their car’s windshield. Less common hazards may not be something you even consider, but in some cases, awareness can save you major money and aggravation. Poor Windshield Manufacturing Although windshields on newer cars must adhere to strict […]

How to Care for Your Newly Tinted Windows

Window tinting is a simple process that involves applying a thin layer of plastic over the car windows to block out the sun and give your ride a sleek new look. If you have chosen to have your windows professionally tinted, you are definitely making a good choice. Window tinting alone can make your car […]

3 Factors That Affect Auto Glass Installation

It’s tempting to ignore small problems with auto glass, particularly since taking time out of your day to schedule an appointment is a hassle. With mobile windshield repair services, though, you can have your car’s auto glass fixed or replaced while you’re at work. What you might not know, however, is what the differences are […]